What are the key facts?

  • Location: Vitalia City is located on the Caribbean island of Roatán, in and around Próspera, a Special Economic Zone with legal and regulatory autonomy.
  • Duration: It is a permanent city.
  • Who's Coming: The member profile includes scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and thinkers specializing in fields such as longevity biotechnology, healthcare, AI, crypto, and decentralized governance.
  • Work Compatibility: Vitalia is not a conference; participants are encouraged to bring their work with them.
  • Why are we doing it? Acceleration of Longevity Innovation - Vitalia, aims to eliminate bureaucratic roadblocks to speed up clinical trials and lower costs in the longevity field.

About Vitalia & How To Join

How do I apply to Vitalia?

Fill out the application here.

What do I need to do to confirm my residency before Vitalia begins?
  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. If approved, pay for your Access Pass.
Is Vitalia family-friendly?

Yes! There are child and daycare services available:

  • Higher Ground Education (largest Montessori School provider); Temp. enrollment for kids age 2.5-6 for schooling 8:30a-5p (Mo - Fri); Cost: $600 per month
  • LoveRoatan has certified babysitters & nannies; Flexible, $15-22/hr
How’s the Wi-Fi quality at Vitalia? Can I expect to work effectively while there?

Yes! This is NOT a conference. Bring your work with you.

We have multiple Starlink Wi-Fis across the venue. The checked connection can go up to 35 Mbps (very fast).

What caveat should I be prepared for?

One annoyance on Roatán beaches and areas close by are sandflies

  • These don’t hurt and aren’t dangerous, but itch a lot
  • Mitigated by using spray & avoiding some beaches
  • Often end up being a problem after 1 week on Roatán
How does Vitalia accelerate longevity innovation?

This first Vitalia gathering sets the stage for revolutionizing clinical trials for therapies that can address age-related diseases and aging itself.

We aim to create a motivated community of leaders who will partner to eliminate bureaucratic roadblocks, speeding up clinical trials from 10+ years to 4 months and cutting costs from ~$2.4B billions to <$1M.

While we don’t expect new drugs to be developed during the two months, this MVP isn't just a one-time event; it's a blueprint for a scalable, self-governing community focused on fast-tracking solutions to the problem of death & aging.

The insights gained will be iteratively applied, creating a sustainable model for rapid innovation in the field.

Pricing & Payments

What is the cost?
How do I pay for my Access Pass and/or Housing?
Are there scholarship options?

We will do our best to accommodate your financial situation, but there are other funding options we recommend you apply to, including:

Location & Travel to Roatán

Why did you choose Roatán as the location of Vitalia?

Why Roatán?

Próspera jurisdiction in Roatán offers an ideal setting because of its progressive legal framework supporting medical freedom and innovation.

Roatán is renowned for its safety and its stunning coral reef, and it is also gaining traction in international tourism.

By leveraging Special Economic Zones and medical hubs in Latin America, we aim to establish a multi-jurisdictional longevity-focused network state.

What is Próspera like?

Próspera is on the island of Roatán with land that features high-end accommodation options, private beaches, and a tropical paradise setting (Intro Video here).

The Roatán island is safe. It is very different from the mainland, it's richer and well-established for tourism. Mainland Honduras is where safety is an issue, not Roatan.

What should I know about the local community?
  • Roatan harbors many different and diverse communities, it doesn’t have a single culture.
  • The people on the island have a higher standard of living than on the mainland and mainly live from fishing and tourism; poverty is much lower than elsewhere.
  • The level of spoken English is 60-80%.
  • There are 50-60 businesses on the island accepting Bitcoin & other crypto.
  • Islanders are very used to foreigners because of the many cruise ships and the growing tourism industry.
  • Local islanders often appreciate the jobs and economic development, and they especially like education (which is bad on the island); if you can teach their children new stuff, they’ll be very happy about that.
  • Many more educated islanders and mainlanders understand what we’re doing and are very excited that this is happening in their own country.
  • That said, Hondurans receive a lot of misinformation about Próspera. We have personally not had a single situation where someone was hostile towards us because of our association; local people typically like the jobs and economic growth it brings, but can be scared of media stories.
  • We’re well connected within the ecosystem, and plenty of locals from the island and the mainland will be involved as residents in Vitalia. Be curious, learn from them, travel around, and ask questions!
Is there a travel/flight guide for Roatán?


Traveling to Honduras GuideTraveling to Honduras Guide

Re: flights, Roatan has an International Airport with 2-3h direct flights from the US, and 1 direct flight between Madrid and San Pedro Sula (Mondays and Thursdays).

Other travel tips:

  • Pre-Arrival Customs Check: Use this app link for Roatan customs pre-check: Roatan Customs Pre-Check. It streamlines your arrival process.
  • HN Immigration Customs App: We've encountered some difficulties with the online app for HN immigration customs. It's simpler to use the form provided at Roatan airport upon arrival.
  • Immigration Wait Times: Typically, customs lines are quite efficient, averaging less than 10 minutes. However, be aware that Fridays can be busier; on one occasion, the wait extended to two hours.
  • Tips for Food and Beverage Services: When paying with a credit card, consider giving tips in cash. Tips on card payments often result in lesser amounts for the servers. Hence, carrying small denominations like $1s and $5s is advisable for gratuities. Relatedly, USD is widely accepted in the area. While exchanging to Lempira isn't necessary, be prepared to receive change in local currency.
  • Rainy Season Advisory: January is part of the rainy season in Roatán.
  • Communication: WhatsApp is the preferred communication method here. It’s more reliable than US carrier texting, allows large file transfers, and is widely used for direct messaging.
  • Drinking Water: Stick to bottled water for drinking.
  • Airport Departure: It’s advisable to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours early for flights leaving Roatan, especially on Sundays.
  • Staying Longer than 90 Days: If you’re staying for longer than 90 days, you will need to renew your permit.
  • Flight search: Use alternative flight aggregators like kiwi.com to find the best routes. They have higher prices, although you don’t have to book through them. Once you find out the best route, you can use Google Flights to avoid the kiwi/etc surcharges.
Do I need a vaccine to travel to Honduras?
  • You do not need a COVID-19 vaccine to enter Honduras. (That said, you may want to get a COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines recommended by the CDC.)
  • You do need a yellow fever vaccine if you're coming from a South American country.
Do I need a visa to travel to Honduras?

It will depend on your nationality. You can verify with the iVisa checker tool to ensure which travel documents you will need for your trip to Honduras.

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