Vitalia Housing

Vitalia Housing

Here is a step-by-step process and important information if you're interested in getting your accommodation with us!

❗️ Note: Remember the first step to visit Vitalia is to apply for your Access Pass [click here for more info].

How To Get Vitalia Housing

  1. Fill out this form [click here] to apply for accommodation options from our housing pool. (These options are higher-value for the price and ensure you live close to the community. You do not need to fill out this form if you have your own housing.)
  2. A few days after filling out the request form, you will receive a residency package offer. To accept the offer, please make payment via email within 72 hours of receiving the offer. After that point, your reservation may be released back into the pool for other requests.
  3. Pay for your accommodation:
  4. If you do decide to get your accommodation with us, fill out this form requesting the accommodation. We will send an offer and you can pay using the methods below.

    How to Pay How to Pay