Vitalia Access Pass

Vitalia Access Pass

What is the Vitalia Access Pass?

The Access Pass is a one-year membership pass that offers full access to the Vitalia community, events, facilities on-site, and special benefits.

  • On-site facilities include access to the gym, shared community areas, and beach-fronting co-working space.
  • Events include Summits, Workshops, Demo days, Accelerators, Investment Programs, etc.
  • Our partners provide special benefits, including discounts and memberships in restaurants, clinics, and activities - in and outside the island.
How do I get the Vitalia Access Pass?

Vitalia Application

  1. Please fill out this form if you’d like to be part of Vitalia City. [click here].
  2. After your application is reviewed, if you get accepted — Confirm your spot by paying for the Vitalia Access Pass (see ”How Can I Pay“ below).
  3. Decide how long you will be staying in Roatán and fill out the Housing Form (unless you would like to find your own accommodation, which is also an option)
  4. Book your flights! Find a travel + flight guide here.
  5. If you applied for housing at Step 3, you will receive a residency package offer a few days after. To accept the offer, please make payment within 72 hours of receiving the offer via email. After that point your reservation may be released back into the pool for other builders.
  6. Catch your flight to Roatan.
  7. Get checked into your place.
  8. Have a blast at Vitalia!
  9. Permanently move to a future Vitalia district.
  10. Cure aging.
How much does it cost?

The Access Pass price is $500 USD.

*Financial assistance is available on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it remain valid? Is there an expiration date?

The Access Pass remains valid until the end of the calendar year from the moment of purchase.

❗️ The sooner you get your access pass, the better because you can lock in your price permanently. The access pass price will increase yearly, but you can renew it at the same price you originally bought it.

How can I pay (once approved)?

Once you get approved, you can pay for your Vitalia Access Pass

How to Pay How to Pay