Programming for 2024 · Apr – Dec

Programming for 2024 · Apr – Dec

Vitalia’s Roatán Hub is now open permanently! Find all the latest program information for the upcoming months below!
Why is Vitalia now a permanent hub?

Vitalia started as a temporary pop-up city. It was a raging success, and now it’s a permanent district focused on accelerating longevity companies and tech startups in the fields of biotech, healthcare, human enhancement, legal engineering, AI, crypto, and Web3.

Why would I want to stay at Vitalia?
  • Company Development
    • Startup Accelerator & Incubator
    • Mentorship: advisory and resources
    • Network exposure & Direct contact/reach to potential clients/investors
    • Investment program funding (e.g. by Infinita VC, Healthspan Capital, Tim Draper)
  • Co-Working
    • Focused coworking spaces with Starlink Wi-Fi
    • Weekly Review & Planning Accountability Session
    • Learning (recurring conferences with renowned scientists and industry leaders)
    • The infamous Vitalia Dome for conferences
  • Lifestyle & Community
    • Housing Pool, living in villas, apartments
    • Beach Club amenities (pool, gym, conference rooms)
    • Daily healthy habits (exercising, meditating, nutritious food)
    • Weekend community exploring activities

Read on if you…

  • Want to join the Vitalia community for the first time!
  • Have been here, and want to spend more time in Vitalia!

📅 What’s Next During The Rest Of The Year?

*Note: We’re implementing online participation for our Builders around the world! To stay up-to-date on event announcements (to join online or in-person), sign up here for the calendar.

April 26 - 28 | Regulatory Acceleration

Safe Harbor Summit: Legal Engineering for a Bio-Crypto Future in Vitalia - Led by Ixian

Law is the software of society. Outdated legal systems hold back the advancement of life-saving technologies and decentralized money.

This is for lawyers and also for those in crypto and bio who are interested in the legal mechanics of innovating and workshopping new proposals in crypto and bio (imagine crafting the laws you'd benefit from being regulated under).

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May 24 - 26 | Designing and Building Infrastructure

Bio-Contech: Building the Physical Infrastructure for A Biotech City

This event is for construction technologists, biomedical visionaries, and healthcare infrastructure builders.

Vitalia is moving to the new Beta District soon, and you can contribute to designing the physical infrastructure for a biotech city. Your ideas for what it should look like, what spaces should have, distribution and areas of spaces, and more!

To do this, we're hosting four workshops every Wednesday in May and having a summit with partners and entrepreneurs.

  • Let's Build Vitalia (Online Workshops) “It's really up to us to design what we would like to see at Vitalia” — Kara Isabella, workshops host.

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June 18 - 22 | Medicine & Biotech Acceleration

Regenerative Medicine and Biotech Acceleration Summit

Focusing on the future of healthcare: "Regenerative Medicine and Accelerated Clinical Trials".

This is happening in a jurisdiction with a unique legal framework that facilitates the rapid progression of clinical trials to market. [Read The “Guide To Biomedical Innovation in Próspera”].

Together, we will discuss how regenerative medicine can repair bodily damage, rejuvenate tissues and organs, and ultimately lead to longer, healthier lives.

The summit will feature talks on the latest research in stem cell therapy, organ regeneration, and genetic editing, highlighting their potential to dramatically alter healthcare.

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July 26 - 28 | Biohacking

Human Augmentation Summit

This is an event to expand the frontier of human enhancement — From novel cybernetic implants to brain-computer interfaces and genetic engineering.

We're doing a deep dive into the potential, challenges, and ideas surrounding increasing human capabilities.

"What does it mean to upgrade humanity?"

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Until End Of The Year 2024 (TBD)

*Details Coming Soon – This is what you can expect to happen:

  • More biohacking: self-experimentation, quantified self & cybernetic enhancements
  • More investors visiting, pitching and demo days (guests thus far: OrangeDAO, Balaji Srinivasan, Naval Ravikant, BeakerDAO, VitaDAO, Paramita Ventures)
  • More startup accelerator program, company development guidance, and programs to participate in the investment program
  • Pop-Up City 2.0 towards EOY 2024
You can apply to visit Vitalia City anytime! If you have questions on living logistics, find answers here.