Living in Vitalia

Living in Vitalia

What does living in Vitalia look like?

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Venue | What is Vitalia on the ground like? (physical location)
  • A tropical island! Currently, Vitalia City is located in the Pristine Bay Resort.
  • Vitalia spaces include the Vitalia Dome, the Beach Club, the lab, and Las Verandas restaurants (all inside the Pristine Bay Resort venue).
  • Amenities include co-working offices, a gym, a sauna, Infiniti pools, and private beaches.
  • Other activities that are available at the resort for a separate cost are the Scuba Shop (for snorkeling and scuba diving) and Pete's Place Golf Course.
Accommodation | Where can I stay?

You can either book your own place or choose from our Vitalia Housing options:

  • Recommendation to find your own stay. [Click here]
  • Request Vitalia Housing (Info & Form). [Click here]
Transportation | How would I move around?
  • Upon arrival, you can get a taxi from the airport to the Vitalia venue in Pristine Bay.
    • If available only, we can provide shuttles from and to the airport as a courtesy. (Please do not rely on this option as is per shuttle availability.) → You can ask if there's availability in the private Community Chat on Telegram.
  • To move around the island, you can get taxis or rent a car.
  • To move around the venue, everything is within walking distance, and/or you can also ask for golf cart rides.
Food | What are the eating options?
  • Restaurants - There are two on-site restaurants in the venue, Las Pérgolas Restaurant and Las Palapas. Besides this, there is a variety of restaurants around the island with all kinds of food.
  • Supermarkets - Close to the venue, there's Eldon's Supermarket to do your grocery runs if you'd prefer to cook.
Working | Am I going to be able to work?

At the Beach Club, we have co-working space options, quiet offices, and conference and meeting rooms, equipped with Starlink Wi-Fi. Open from 6 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Transact | How can I pay for things around the island?

Vendors around the island accept traditional payment methods, such as cards and cash. USD is accepted and transacted throughout the island.

Within the Vitalia venue, in Próspera, Bitcoin is accepted as well. There is also a Bitcoin ATM.

Medical | Is there medical assistance available?

Yes, there are many clinics and hospitals around the island. One of the best ones is the closest one to our current venue: Hospital Cemesa.

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If you have any further questions, you can check the FAQs page or ask them in our private Community Chat, which you will have access to upon being accepted on your Vitalia application.