Transportation Guide

Transportation Guide

  • “Vitalia Uber Project”
    • Vitalian's on-site created an ad-hoc “Vitalia Uber” service project! You can ask in the Telegram channel if someone who has a car can give you a ride. The system is usually $5-$10 per person, depending on where you're going and how much the driver wants to charge.
  • Roatán Taxis
    • $50 round-trip ($30 one way) from Pineapple Villas to West End (where most dive shops are).
    • $55 to the Beach Club and $60 if the return is late at night - after 11 pm.
  • Collective Taxi
    • The cheapest option for longer trips (e.g. Pristine Bay to West End) is to get a “colectivo” on the main road. These run without a specified schedule; you just need to hail them from the side of the street. Prices are 5x-10x lower than for taxis. Cash only (1 USD =~ 25 lempiras as of Feb 2024).
  • Group Minivan +504-3306-3384. Ask for the Vitalia rate
    • It can seat 15 people. That can be booked at $8/person round trip with a $ 60 minimum. Again, there is a $10 surcharge for a ride starting after 11 pm.

Private Taxi Options (WhatsApp)

+504 9939-9574 - Exclusive Taxi Roatan, managed by Orville. If it's late, you might need to call rather than text, but they were available on a Saturday night at 11:20pm, and for early rides to the airport. +504 9522-2222 - ”Mr. Francisco Taxi Service VIP” / ?Roa Taxi? +504 3219-6346 - Don Antonio Ardon taxi

Car Rental Options

+504 9228-6624 - Atlantis +504 3396-6128 - Recar