About Vitalia

About Vitalia

What is Vitalia?

Vitalia is a city in the Próspera jurisdiction in Roatán, Honduras, dedicated to advancing life extension technologies. It started as a temporary pop-up city, which was a raging success! Now, it’s a permanent district.

Vitalia is now a hub for accelerating longevity companies and tech startups in the fields of biotech, healthcare, human enhancement, legal engineering, AI, crypto, and Web3.

Picture a vibrant beachside community, like a permanent summer camp, with over 500 individuals and industry leaders.

Why Did We Start?

Vitalia was spawned out of Vitalik Buterin’s pop-up city in Montenegro, Zuzalu City, and inspired by The Network State by Balaji Srinivasan; our endeavor stems from a need to push the longevity movement forward.

Why it matters?

Longevity is the defining question of humanity.

Biotech R&D and commercial utilization suffer from chronic underfunding and slow progress due to regulatory systems that lock in old solutions, creating bottlenecks for new ones.

However, startup cities and network states, as well as smaller jurisdictions, are promising to change the game by developing more permissive, common law-based alternatives.

Why Roatán?

Próspera jurisdiction in Roatán offers an ideal setting because of its progressive legal framework supporting medical freedom and innovation.

Roatán is renowned for its safety and its stunning coral reef, and it is also gaining traction in international tourism.

By leveraging Special Economic Zones and medical hubs in Latin America, we aim to establish a multi-jurisdictional longevity-focused network state.


Vitalia's mission is to make death optional by accelerating biotech companies through a novel regulatory protocol for biotech founders to get to market at warp speed.


Over the next decade, our vision includes establishing 3-5 city locations, fostering the development of 1,000+ new products, accommodating over 10,000,000 residents, and contributing to the addition of more than 1 trillion healthy life years.


Vitalia aims to make death optional by establishing a decentralized city that attracts the world's leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and tech talent.

Here, they are provided with essential resources such as legal, financial, and infrastructure support, alongside a nurturing community to develop companies dedicated to extending healthy human lifespans.

Our objective is to have 200 semi-permanent residents who spend at least three months in Vitalia by the end of 2024.

By 2025-2026, our aim is to expand to 1+ permanent district(s) with 500-1,000 residents, alongside pop-up cities in 3-5 potential Special Economic Zones.

  • Entrepreneurialism: We prioritize building sustainable ventures, valuing proactive leadership and long-term impact.
  • Do-ocracy: Take initiative without hesitation; small decisions don't require permission. Group consensus is reserved for significant matters.
  • Informed Consent: Respect boundaries, seek clarification when unsure, and value independence. Encourage assertiveness in saying "No" and avoid undue influence.
  • Radical Tolerance: Embrace diversity, experimentation, and innovation. Resist premature judgments and nurture an environment of openness to new ideas.
  • Responsibility: Recognize the frontier nature of our mission and the inherent ambiguity it entails. Uphold strong personal ethics even in the absence of explicit guidelines.
Governance & Contribution Structure for VitaliaGovernance & Contribution Structure for Vitalia