Governance & Contribution Structure for Vitalia

Governance & Contribution Structure for Vitalia

Last updated: 2023-10-09


The Governance and Contribution Structure for Vitalia serves as a living document outlining the principles and mechanisms through which the Vitalia community is organized, operated, and evolves. These principles are not set in stone but should be viewed as our working hypothesis, subject to test and modification as we gather more data and insights.


The foundational thoughts on governance were brought forth by our Organizers. The principles are aimed at creating a balanced, decentralized environment to empower individual contributors and multiple roles within the community.

At its core, the ultimate telos of the Vitalia structure is to serve the residents of Vitalia, facilitating their entrepreneurial and creative endeavors through various means such as pitch competitions, co-founder matching, and providing legal help and advice.

If the structure is not fulfilling this crucial objective, it necessitates evolution and adjustment. We are not wedded to any particular governance design choice but are committed to the principle of serving the residents.

Speaking of evolution, we believe transparency and open channels for feedback are essential. A lightweight process will be used to track contributions, and Organizers will facilitate the distribution of tasks through TBD software (could be as lightweight as Notion).

Got feedback? Please let us know in any of the Vitalia-related Telegram groups or via