What is Vitalia?

Vitalia: Revolutionizing Longevity and Biotech – A Pop-Up City

Vitalia.city is a movement to start a longevity network society — a multi-jurisdiction society co-living, aligned to accelerate progress in longevity biotech, fostering drug development at warp speed: 4 months to get to market instead of 10+ years, and make death optional.

  • Dates: January 6th to April 1st, 2024 (+1 month extension, until April 1st)
  • Location: Roatán, Honduras

Picture a vibrant summer camp on a beach bringing together over 200 individuals, the brightest minds in biotech, medicine, longevity, health, artists, cryptocurrency, and AI. A community fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit – working during the day, enjoying leisure activities, and engaging in networking events by night.

Vitalia is not just an intellectual exploration but a call to action. As "builders," residents are encouraged to set ambitious goals and launch ventures, supported by pitch competitions, crowdfunding, and legal advice. Vitalia aims to accelerate longevity innovation by removing bureaucratic obstacles, expediting clinical trials, and reducing costs in the field.

Vitalia’s program is structured into four bi-weekly themes:

  • Longevity & Human Improvement: Concepts linked with all aspects of human improvement, exploring bioscience, healthcare economics, and ethics to inspire life-saving innovations.
  • Crypto Cities & Network States: Exploring the societal impact of crypto technology by examining shifts in governance, economies, and communities.
  • AI & Technological Progress: A deep dive into the potential of AI solving problems of modern life and in nearly all areas of industry that focuses on the broader implications of technology.
  • Pathways to Healthy Life Extension: Present solutions for healthy life extension by collaborating with the broader aging research and longevity biotech industry.