Vitalia Programming + Experience Design Philosophy

Vitalia Programming + Experience Design Philosophy

Here, we'll provide an overview of the design elements (subject to change) that make Vitalia an extraordinary two-month living and learning experience. This guide covers everything from camp organization and event planning to our philosophy surrounding social events and overall community integration.



  • Each camp is geographically defined, offering a localized experience.
  • Camps will be led by 10-15 individuals serving various roles.

Camp Leaders

  • Camp leaders will likely be drawn from Curators.
  • Leadership is a volunteer role, potentially leading to housing discounts.
  • Camp leaders will help newcomers get acquainted in Vitalia, and ensures new members feel welcome and understand the camp's culture. They are the default contact point for camp member.

Other Roles in Camps

  • Grocery Chair: Responsible for coordinating grocery pickups.
  • Social Chair: Plans or delegates the planning of social events.
  • Whatever else a specific camp wants.


Mondays and Tuesdays will be generally blocked from scheduled conferences or social events.

Group Fitness/Wellness

  • Facilities like gyms, pools, and co-working spaces are available.
  • Yoga, group fitness classes, and wellness activities will be organized.

Social Events/Parties

  • Events should not be overbearing; the culture is geared toward productivity.
  • Encouragement to host small gatherings in apartments.


  • These are planned by sub-event organizers.

Weekly Townhalls

  • Takes place on Tuesdays.
  • Could use a format similar to "conversation cafe."

A/V + Event Support Crew

  • Big Question: Are we recording sessions?

Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Midpoint

  • Midpoint ceremonies to evaluate the progress and set the tone for the second half.
  • Opening and closing ceremonies to establish context and offer a summary.



  • For approved residents to easily identify each other.

Building Projects

  • Potential for projects like building a sauna as a team-building exercise.

Guest Policy

  • Optimized for longer stays but not strictly against shorter stays.

Integration Practices for New Arrivals

  • Group onboarding within two days of arrival.

Resident Directory

  • There will be an opt-in resident directory so it’s easy for residents to get context on each other and more easily network.

This page is designed to be a living document. For further questions or to contribute, please reach out to