Holistic Health

“mens sana in corpore sano” = a healthy mind in a health body Here, we focus on wellness of our whole self. We remember we are not just mind but also body. We build rituals to worship a healthy body together with a healthy mind.

The Pillars

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  1. sleep & rest — are you spending 9hrs/night in bed?
  2. resources
    head to bed soon after sunset: in bed by 8:30pm
    wake around sunrise: out of bed by 5:30am
  3. nutrition & diet — are you eating mindfully, aligned with good health?
  4. resources
    eat a paleo-based diet with sufficient protein — aligned with https://protocol.bryanjohnson.com/Recipe-Guide-by-Zero & maybe buying from https://blueprint.bryanjohnson.com/collections/all-products
    eat from sunrise to sunset — avoid eating beyond sunset
    mindful eating with short mantra each time you eat
  5. movement & fitness — are you moving for 1hr/day?
  6. resources
    1hr/day (7hrs/wk)
    2/7 on cardio/endurance/HIIT/sports/walking
    3/7 on resistance training
    1/7 on stretching/yoga/pilates/physio
    1/7 on your preference
  7. emotion & resiliency — are you calm?
  8. resources
    meditation / breathwork / NSDR — 10min/day
    cold plunge — 1min/day
  9. technology & attention — are you free?
  10. overnight: phone & laptop out of your room (and ideally your house)
    during focused work: phone off & away from you and laptop web/app/notification blockers activated
  11. work & purpose — are you focused?
  12. resources
    daily: 1x daily focus block (90min) in the morning on the most important thing
    weekly: weekly review & planning
    quarterly: clear priority & direction
  13. other important aspects to consider (out of scope for the protocol)
    • community & family
    • intimacy & sexuality
    • vitality & joy
    • spirituality & meaning