Vitalia Art Program
 Vitalia Art Program

Vitalia Art Program

Vitalia, as a pioneering hub for longevity and innovation, presents a unique opportunity to integrate artistic expression into its core mission. As an artist in Vitalia, you'll have the opportunity to infuse your artistic vision into the very fabric of our city of biotech and longevity, enriching its cultural and thematic landscape. Your creations will not only be showcased in exhibitions but also available for purchase, contributing to your artistic journey and the continued growth of Vitalia. This is more than a residency, it's a chance to be part of a founding community shaping the future.

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Program Structure

This program is uniquely tailored to the artist to define individual’s artistic endeavour during Vitalia. We want to host 3-5 art residents - sponsoring your stay, studio space and art materials to create for Vitalia. Artists have the freedom to select their preferred materials, design and build your own studio space. Artworks created during residency holds the potential for financial reward. The sale of these artworks is subject to a fair and mutually beneficial revenue-splitting agreement (Here for examples), designed to support residents’ artistic endeavors while contributing to the growth of the Vitalia community.

  1. Duration and Capacity: The residency will span 2 months, hosting 3-5 artists.
  2. Selection Criteria: Artists passionate about the intersection of art, science, and technology, and who demonstrate a clear vision of how their work aligns with Vitalia’s mission or how it could create tangible impact to the local community, will be preferred.
  3. Facilities and Resources: Artists will be provided with residence and materials, propose and design their studio space, access to Vitalia’s facilities and resources, and interactions with scientists and entrepreneurs.
  4. Community Engagement: Artists will be encouraged to engage with the community through workshops, open studios, and collaborative projects.
  5. Exhibition (Upon discussion with art residents) : The residency will culminate in exhibitions showcasing the artists’ works during or at the end of Vitalia, ideally integrating interactive elements to engage visitors. Artworks produced during the residency can be sold through various channels, including exhibitions, online platforms (in forms of NFTs), or private viewings.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Innovative Artworks: Creation of artworks that inspire and provoke thought around the themes of longevity, life quality, and the future of humanity.
  2. Enhanced Community Interaction: Strengthened community bonds through shared cultural experiences and dialogues around art.
  3. Increased Visibility: The program will attract attention to both the art resident and Vitalia, highlighting Vitalia’s role as a hub for not only scientific but also cultural innovation.

Possible Artwork Ideas

Bioart and Organic Mediums

  • Theme: The fusion of art and life sciences.
  • Idea: Creating living artworks using biological materials like cells, DNA, or plant life, reflecting on the fragility of life and the power of science to preserve and extend it.

Sculpture and 3D Art

  • Theme: Representing the future of humanity.
  • Idea: Sculptures using sustainable or futuristic materials (like recycled tech components or bioplastics) that envision the future of human evolution in a world where death is optional.

AI Art

  • Theme: Immersive experiences of a longevity-focused future.
  • Idea: Generated by Midjourney

Eco-Art and Sustainability

  • Theme: The relationship between longevity and environmental sustainability.
  • Idea: Artworks that utilize sustainable methods and materials, emphasizing the importance of a healthy environment in supporting a society focused on longevity.

Public Art and Murals

  • Theme: Community engagement and public discourse.
  • Idea: Large-scale murals or public art projects that spark community conversations about longevity, life quality, and the future of human societies.

Burning Man-Inspired Installations

  • Theme: Celebration of Life and Community.
  • Idea: Large-scale, interactive installations that embody the spirit of Burning Man, focusing on themes of community, self-expression, and the celebration of life. These could be ephemeral structures or permanent installations within Vitalia, designed to bring people together in a shared experience that reflects the city's ethos of innovation, longevity, and community building.

FAQs from Artists

What does the residency offer to artists/researchers?

Comprehensive support and resources

  • Professional Opportunities: Vitalia is a high value network event. Access to a network of professionals in the fields of biotechnology, longevity, and entrepreneurship, providing unique collaboration opportunities.
  • Creative Freedom: An environment that encourages exploration and innovation in art, aligned with the themes of longevity and human advancement.
  • Exposure and Visibility: Opportunities for showcasing work through exhibitions, online platforms, and Vitalia’s community events, enhancing the artist's profile.
  • Be a part of the founding resident of vitalia: As a founding resident, you are more than just your role. You have the opportunity to significantly influence the development and culture of Vitalia. Your ideas, contributions, and feedback can shape the community’s norms, values, and future direction.

Does the residency offer a salary or financial assistance?

Upon discussion: The residency offers salary or financial assistance on case-by-case basis. If the artist is truly excited and passionate to contribute to Vitalia’s culture and mission, we are happy to support the daily living expenses of artists and researchers during their stay, allowing them to focus fully on their creative and research endeavors.

Does the residency help with support of travel costs or a percentage of travel? If IRL

Partial or Full Travel Support: Depending on the funding available and circumstance of each artist, Vitalia may provide either partial or full support for travel costs. This is intended to make the residency accessible to a diverse range of artists and researchers from various locations.

Does the residency offer accommodation and studio access? If IRL

Accommodation and Studio Access:

  • Accommodation: The residency includes accommodation, ensuring a comfortable and conducive living environment for creative work.
  • Studio Access: Art studios are to be built collaboratively with the art residents. In the dynamic and pioneering environment of Vitalia as an emerging pop-up city, artists in the residency program are granted an exceptional opportunity to actively propose, design and create their own studio spaces given the resources available. The construction of the studios can be a collaborative effort, involving the artist, local builders, and other residents. Vitalia can cover the construction costs of these custom-designed studios.

What are the some possible revenue splitting models between art residents and Vitalia?

Each of these models offers different benefits and can be tailored to suit the specific circumstances of each artist, ensuring fairness and support for both the artists and the ongoing mission of Vitalia. We welcome open discussion with each art resident to settle on the most suitable model.

1. Standard Percentage Split

  • Model: A fixed percentage split between the artist and Vitalia, regardless of the artist's status or investment.
  • Example: 70% of sales revenue goes to the artist, and 30% to Vitalia.
  • Suitability: Best for artists who prefer a straightforward, predictable model.

2. Sliding Scale Based on Artist’s Investment

  • Model: The revenue split varies depending on how much the artist has invested in their residency (travel, materials, etc.).
  • Example: If the artist self-funds a significant portion of their residency, they receive a higher percentage of the sales revenue.
  • Suitability: Ideal for artists who are self-funding and would benefit from a larger share of the sales to offset their costs.

3. Status-Based Split

  • Model: The split is adjusted based on the artist’s status in the industry (emerging artist vs. established artist).
  • Example: Emerging artists might receive a higher percentage to support their growing career, whereas established artists, who might have better sales prospects, have a different split.
  • Suitability: Useful for addressing the varied financial needs of artists at different career stages.

Can I bring my family?

Of course, Vitalia welcomes families!

We provide family specific supports such as family telegram group chat and access to local montessori school ( . Your family will be well taken cared of. However, do note that that each additional participate will need to purchase their own access pass to Vitalia ( costs 500USD) , you will also be sharing the same room unless there is specific request.


The Art Residency Program at Vitalia is not just a physical space for artistic creation; it is an opportunity to be part of a pioneering community at the forefront of longevity and biotechnology. Vitalia is in search of artists who are not only artistically talented but also hands-on, proactive doers, deeply passionate about Vitalia's mission and dedicated to actively contributing to the community's development. The residency will provide substantial support – financially, logistically, and creatively – enabling artists and researchers to explore and contribute to the unique thematic landscape of Vitalia.

Who to contact

Feel free to reach out if you are interested / for more information. Please contact:

Shina Foo

  • Telegram : Shina_foo
  • Email:

Or you can directly sign up HERE:


The Art Residency Program at Vitalia offers a unique platform for artists to explore and express the profound themes of life and longevity. It is an opportunity to blend art with science, fostering a rich, multidimensional community experience and leaving a lasting impact on Vitalia and its residents.

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