Vitalia 2024 Theme Organizer Info Sheet

Vitalia 2024 Theme Organizer Info Sheet


Thank you for considering the role of a Theme Organizer for Vitalia 2024. As a Theme Organizer, you play a pivotal role in shaping the experience and content of one of our bi-weekly themes. Your responsibilities are integral to the success of the event and contribute significantly to the overall experience of the participants.


Setting the Stage

  • As the Theme Organizer for a bi-weekly theme, such as AI & Technological Progress, you are responsible for setting the tone for the entire conference.
  • Your role involves framing and contextualizing the theme for all participants.

Curating Content

  • You will curate speakers, sessions, and unconference-style sessions specific to your theme.
  • You are also tasked with curating and managing the run of show for the summit of your theme week.

Speaker Coordination

  • Should you wish to invite specific speakers for your week, you must notify us at least one month in advance to facilitate coordination.
  • Please provide us with the necessary details of any speakers or participants you want to invite, allowing us ample time to extend invitations and make necessary arrangements.

On-Site Presence

  • Your presence throughout the entire week of your theme is crucial, as it greatly influences participant engagement and the overall success of the theme.
  • You will serve as the face and representative of your specific theme, adding value and depth to the participant experience.


  • Please note that there is no financial compensation for coordinating a theme.
  • Similarly, there will not be compensation for any speakers you request.
  • Our model promotes a culture where everyone is considered an equal contributor to the Vitalia experience.

Application Deadline

If you are interested in becoming a Theme Organizer for Vitalia 2024, please email


As a Theme Organizer, you have the unique opportunity to contribute to a community of forward-thinkers and innovators. Your role is not just organizational but also inspirational, as you help shape the narrative and knowledge-sharing of Vitalia 2024.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to making Vitalia 2024 a transformative experience. We look forward to possibly collaborating with you on this exciting journey.