Vitalia 2024 Schedule & Typical Week

Vitalia 2024 Schedule & Typical Week

Welcome to Vitalia 2024! We aim to offer an immersive, enriching experience that balances productivity, community, and recreation. Below is a breakdown of what a typical week might look like here, curated to inspire personal growth and facilitate meaningful connections. This page also details the four bi-weekly themes of Vitalia 2024.

General Structure

Our 2-month schedule—from January 6th to April 1st, 2024—includes:

  • An Opening and Closing Ceremony: To kick-start and conclude your journey.
  • Sub-Conferences: Featuring various topic areas such as Longevity 101, Crypto 101, Human Improvement, DeSci, AI, Art, Public Goods, Governance, and Network States & New Cities.
  • Fun Excursions: Enjoy leisure time on and beyond Roatan Island.
  • At Least One Big Party: Because what's a gathering without a (healthy) party to remember?

Typical Week Breakdown

Example week at high level (doesn’t include all the activities that would happen)

Focus day Co-work
Focus day Co-work
Co-work Town hall Pod dinners
Co-work Small self-organized meetup
Co-work Conference starting at 5pm Social Event
Conference cont. Group Dinner
Conference ending in AM Pitch Day Group Excursion

Monday and Tuesday: Heads Down Quiet Working Time

  • While each workday will have dedicated coworking time and space, the beginning of the week is designed for focused work. Utilize our state-of-the-art coworking spaces and get your creative juices flowing. No events will be scheduled.

Wednesday: Town Halls

  • A forum to discuss community issues, updates, and collaborative opportunities. It’s also a chance for members to get up to speed on what everyone is working on.

Tuesday and Saturday: Grocery Runs

  • Twice a week, we organize trips to local markets and stores, so you can stock up on essentials and specialty items.


  • A typical week may feature a sub-conference from our range of topics. These are optional but highly encouraged for educational and networking benefits. It would typically start on Fridays but could start earlier.

Self-Organized Social Events

  • Members are welcome to organize their own social activities, whether it’s a movie night, a board game session, or a night out.

Community-Organized Fitness Events

  • From yoga to CrossFit, there are regular fitness activities to keep you in shape and energized.

Self-Directed Gym Time

  • Our gym facilities are open for those who prefer a solo workout regime.

Coworking Time

  • Feel free to collaborate or work individually in our coworking spaces, available throughout the week.

Group Dinners

  • A community that eats together, stays together. Regular group dinners foster unity and friendship.

Pitch Days (Every Other Week)

  • Have a brilliant idea? Pitch it to the community and gather valuable feedback and potential collaborators.

The Four Bi-Weekly Themes of Vitalia 2024

For Vitalia 2024, we have curated four bi-weekly theme weeks, each culminating in a summit. The themes and their order have been thoughtfully chosen to foster a journey from problem identification to solution creation.

1. Longevity & Human Improvement (Jan 15 - 21, Summit: Jan 20)

Life is good, death is bad. How can we have more of life and less of death? And more is not enough - how can life be good itself. Longevity is not only a question for life scientists and engineers, it also touches on question of philosophy, law and economics. In this theme week, we introduce longevity as a concept linked with all aspects of human improvement, and aim to gain a comprehensive understanding.


  • The Bioscience of Longevity
  • Business Models for Longevity Companies
  • Economics and Incentives of Healthcare Systems
  • Philosophical Views and Ethics of Life Extension
  • Human Improvement, Biohacking, and Self-Experimentation

Focus: The sub-events and introduction will focus on unsolved problems in business and science, to inspire participants to discover new ideas for developing life-saving drugs, treatments, medical devices and healthcare technology solutions.

Why this theme: Starting with an introductory theme sets the stage for exploration and understanding of fundamental challenges in longevity.

2. Startup Societies (Jan 29 - Feb 4, Summit: Feb 3)

Crypto cities, network states, and the evolution of governance – Satoshi Nakamoto opened the Pandora's Box, unleashing a paradigm shift that touches the fabric of society: how we exchange value, how we assign and track ownership, how we govern communities and whole civilizations. This is a crypto-focused theme week that looks at the big picture: the shifts that crypto-technology is causing to empires, nations and cities alike and the modern forms of governance that come out of it.


  • Frontiers in Crypto-Technology: Money, Identity and Finance
  • Network States, Charter Cities and the Disruption of Governance
  • Real-Life Crypto-Economies and Communities

Focus: The sub-events and introduction day will focus on problems that cities and communities face (blockchains are not a solution to every problem) and challenges for worldwide crypto-adoption to inspire participants to develop practical solutions.

Why this theme: Positioned in the mid-phase of Vitalia, this theme bridges the initial exploration with forthcoming technological optimism and practical applications.

3. AI & Technological Progress (Feb 5 - 11, Summit: Feb 10)

The hope of AI is to become a technological accelerant that solves problems of modern life and in nearly all areas of industry - it touches everything.


  • The 80-Year History of the “Last Technology”
  • Progress and Stagnation in the History of Technology
  • AI x Longevity - How AI Can Accelerate Biotech Innovation
  • AI x Everything - From Art to Industry

Focus: This week focuses on delving into the realms of Artificial Intelligence and the broader implications of technology for a better future.

Why this theme: This theme ties together discussions from previous weeks and directs them toward future-oriented, technological solutions.

4. Pathways to Life Extension (Feb 19 - Feb 25, Summit: Feb 24)

This will be a time to present solutions and promising pathways for healthy life extension, including ones generated during Vitalia. This week is an opportunity for our residents to collaborate with the broader aging research and longevity biotech industry.


  • New Drug Development
  • Clinical and Healthcare
  • Biohacking and Self-Improvement
  • Incentive Design Solutions

Focus: This theme week focuses on presenting projects, fundraising, and concrete solutions for life extension that emerged from Vitalia.

Why this theme:

The final theme week is about showcasing tangible outcomes and potential startups/projects.

For Vitalia 2024, we have curated four bi-weekly theme weeks, each culminating in a summit. The themes and their order have been thoughtfully chosen to foster a journey from problem identification to solution creation.

Schedule Rationale

  • The first two weeks serve as an introduction, laying the groundwork for deeper exploration and understanding of the core subjects.
  • The middle conferences are designed to combine and build upon earlier discussions. Due to housing constraints, they are placed strategically within the schedule.
  • The final conference aims to shift from exploration and science to the presentation of concrete solutions, startup ideas, and projects developed during Vitalia.

This schedule is structured to not only impart knowledge and insights but also to empower participants to transition from learners to creators, shaping the future of longevity, technology, and human improvement.


Vitalia 2024 Theme Organizer Info Sheet
Vitalia 2024 Theme Organizer Info Sheet


This schedule is not set in stone and is subject to change based on community feedback and needs. After all, Vitalia 2024 is not just a place, it's a living, evolving community. Welcome aboard!