Vitalia 2024 Pricing Guide

Vitalia 2024 Pricing Guide

Understanding the financial aspect of your stay at Vitalia in 2024 is crucial for a smooth experience. This wiki page aims to provide comprehensive information on the pricing options, potential discounts, and upgrades available for residents and visitors alike.

Base Pricing

: $500. It includes access to events, free breakfast, and other amenities.

: The prices range from $1,250 - $4,250 per room per month, based on quality and whether you are open to sharing a villa or room.

We have more applications than rooms and we are accepting new people on a rolling basis.

Scholarships are available.

Flexible Rates

We understand that financial circumstances can vary, particularly for residents from low-income countries or for those who are early-stage entrepreneurs or scientists. In such cases, we are offering some scholarships tailored to your situation.

Examples of Properties, each with options for non-private and private rooms


Upgrading your stay for a more luxurious experience (greater than the base price) is an option. Possible upgrades include:

  • Luxurious space
  • Zero commute time
  • Private villa

Discount Options

There are several ways to bring down your costs:

  • Sharing a room
  • Accepting a 10-minute commute time (free golf carts, shuttles and paid car sharing available)

Early Application Benefits

The sooner you apply, the better the accommodations we can hold for you, potentially saving you from last-minute compromises.

Transition Periods

It's worth noting that some residents may have to move into different apartments during their stay. We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible by compensating with enhanced amenities.

Access Pass

  • The Access Pass is $500 and it includes:
    • Free breakfast at the Beach Club
    • Access to events
    • Facilities for free use (e.g. gym, co-working space, pool, private beach)
    • Co-working dedicated spaces


Vitalia 2024 offers a range of pricing options to suit various budgets and preferences. Whether you're seeking a premium experience or are on a tighter budget, our flexible pricing structure aims to accommodate your needs.

For further inquiries or clarification, feel free to email