How To Transact In This  “Crypto-Friendly Economy”

How To Transact In This “Crypto-Friendly Economy”


Vitalia is a popup city located on the Honduran island of Roatán, set to open its doors in January 2024 with a focus on embracing a crypto-friendly economy, rather than a crypto-only model. This initiative aims to create a financial ecosystem that is inclusive and adaptable, combining the benefits of both crypto and traditional financial systems.

Overview of the Current State of Crypto Adoption in Prospera

  • Many merchants in the area are open to receiving cryptocurrency for goods and services, although efforts are ongoing to onboard even more.
  • The territory houses Bitcoin ATMs that facilitate conversions from USD to BTC and vice versa. BTC can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.
  • For those new to crypto, AmityAge Academy offers educational resources to locals.

How to Participate in Vitalia's Economy (January 2024)

Whether you are a crypto enthusiast or new to digital currencies, here's how you can be a part of Vitalia’s diverse economy:

1. Currency Options

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are widely accepted, traditional currencies are also usable. You have the freedom to choose.

2. Wallet Selection

If you opt for crypto transactions, pick a suitable crypto wallet like Exodus. For traditional transactions, regular financial instruments like credit/debit cards work fine.

3. Learn About Crypto Transactions

If you're new to crypto, consider taking a short course at the Bitcoin Education Center in Prospera.

4. Business Transactions (Optional)

For those interested in B2B transactions, forming an LLC like a Prospera LLC might be beneficial. This requires Prospera e-residency.

5. Everyday Transactions

Vendors in Prospera and surrounding areas accept both crypto and traditional forms of payment. If needed, Bitcoin ATMs can be used to convert cryptocurrencies to local currency.

6. Philosophical Alignment

Whether you opt for crypto or traditional currency, the aim is to create a financial ecosystem that is inclusive, frictionless, and adaptable. Engage with the community to enrich your experience in Vitalia.


Vitalia’s crypto-friendly economy is an inclusive experiment that reflects the principles of adaptability and financial accessibility. Visitors in January 2024 will have the opportunity to navigate a financial landscape that welcomes both cryptocurrencies and traditional forms of money, contributing to a community that values financial freedom and inclusivity.

For any assistance or more information, feel free to visit the Bitcoin Education Center or reach out to the organizers of Vitalia.