Vision & Importance

Longevity is the defining question of humanity.

However, biotech R&D and commercial use are chronically underfunded and slow due to legacy regulatory systems that lock in old solutions and create bottlenecks for new ones.

Solutions such as medical reciprocity, sunset clauses, and right-to-try legislation are only general ideas - the status quo is hard-coded into the fabric of society through strict legislation.

However, startup cities, network states, and smaller jurisdictions promise to change the game by developing more permissive, common law-based alternatives.

This group believes we can utilize Special Economic Zones and medical hubs in Latin American countries to build a multi-jurisdictional longevity-focused network state.

We aim to bring 100+ biotech and healthcare-focused entrepreneurs, scientists, and enthusiasts together for 2 months on Roatan to live together, work together and set the foundations for an epic mission to rejuvenate the world.

Why do we want to start a longevity community?

This idea is related to “The Network State” by Balaji Srinivasan and touches on several ambitions for individual sovereignty and improved governance.

We believe to reach the goals of the longevity movement, we need this kind of bold visionary thinking.

This first experiment in 2024 is an experiment in co-living and co-working with an aligned community. A part of the community will stay in Roatán, and the community will explore other places. Our current vision is to build 3+ different longevity “innovation hubs” in different places, to reduce the single-point-of-failure risk and benefit from specialization.

Why Roatán?

Próspera, a Special Economic Zone on Roatán, was strategically chosen for its progressive legal framework, which allows for medical freedom and fosters an environment that is conducive to innovation with entrepreneurship.

The island of Roatan is known for its safety, world-class coral reef, and growing popularity with international tourism.

For example, the biotech company Minicircle has conducted clinical studies on the island under an IRB by the GARM Clinic, a stem cell clinic founded by reputed physician Dr. Glenn Terry. The cost and duration were reduced by orders of magnitude! Minicircle made waves by treating longevity super-influencer Bryan Johnson with follistatin gene therapy.