Traveling to Honduras Guide

Traveling to Honduras Guide

What should I know before traveling to Honduras and how to get there?

Honduras has a visa policy in place that determines who can enter the country and under what conditions. It's essential to understand this policy before planning your trip.

Visitors to Honduras must have a valid passport with at least three months of validity remaining.

Entry Requirements & Visa

📌 How do I know if I need a visa to enter Honduras? → You can use this tool to check your country's visa requirements.

Honduras Visa Not Required
Honduras Visa Required

Pre-Check Application

Before entering Honduras, it helps to apply for the Pre-Check Application, though this hasn’t been requested of all inbound Vitalians.

American Airlines staff did request to see the pre-cheque QR code, but didn’t validate it. A glance at the form was sufficient.

When arriving at the Honduran airport, you might be asked for this Pre-Check with your passport.

With this document, the Immigration officer checks your personal information and lets you enter the country without issues. Keep in mind that in case you have COVID-19 symptoms, the authorities will help you according to the information you offer in the Pre-Check.

âś… You can fill out the application here.

Information To Fill Out:

When you arrive at Roatan Airport, you may be given a customs form. This is a formality (you’d likely answer “No” to all questions) and the immigration officer won’t request the form, but it might be requested by customs (this happened 1 out of 2 times for the author).

Stay Time & Extensions

Although citizens from 112 countries do not require a visa and can stay up to 90 days in Honduras, Customs Officers will determine how many days tourists are allowed to remain in the country according to their travel plans.

💡Tip! The easiest way to get a longer-term visa is to show the immigration officer an onward/return ticket with your desired date less than 90 days in the future. You can buy this flight ticket (e.g. to Miami) the day you arrive in Roatan from a US site like Orbitz or Expedia, which are obligated by law to offer instant full refunds if you cancel the ticket during the same day it was purchased (note: this may be shorter than 24 hours). Once you get the visa stamp in your passport, cancel the flight (or keep it if you actually intend to return on that date and are sure you won’t want to extend your stay).

Note: if you do not have a return ticket, the immigration officer might only grant you a couple of weeks.

Stay Extension Request

Here's a step-by-step list of what you must do if you plan to extend your stay in Honduras when you do not have a return ticket (click to toggle).

Flight Information & Tips

Steps for Taking a Flight to Roatán
Filling out the ESTA if you’re going through the US (the ESTA is required for the entry to the United States, even if you’re doing only a layover)
Tip: Not to go through the US (in case you don’t have a transit visa)
Finding your way in Roatán’s Airport

Info To Request Honduran Residency

Information about types of Special Permanence Permits, for those that may want to request their residency in Honduras.