Pre-Arrival Checklist Guide

Pre-Arrival Checklist Guide

Getting ready for Vitalia?

We have created a checklist with important information and resources to help you prepare for Vitalia and to have a smooth arrival.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Get travel insurance

Get your Próspera E-Residency

Understand and acknowledge the Legal Compliance

Let us know when you’re arriving

Polish your preparation with this guide! – Keep reading

Here are detailed instructions for each step! (click each to toggle).

🛡️ Travel Insurance

Your safety and well-being are important! We strongly advise you to consider obtaining Safetywing insurance for your trip.

  • You can check it out here.
🏠 Próspera E-Residency

Get your residency before you arrive. We’ve partnered with Próspera to provide all Vitalia attendees with an e-residency for $1 ($130 value).

Here are the steps to register:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Choose e-residency
  3. Apply the discount code (generate yours here)
📜 Legal Compliance Guide

Please watch our legal compliance video to familiarize yourself with the local regulations and guidelines. This will help ensure a smooth and compliant stay during your time at Vitalia.

  • Watch the video here
  • Prefer to read? See the memo here
🧳 Arrival Coordination

Fill out this tracker (Arrival Coordination) with your arrival information for us to know when to prepare your airport pickup.

📱 Local SIM Cards
  • Physical SIM card – As a welcome touch, builders will receive a free SIM card upon arrival, courtesy of Vitalia! Once you have your physical SIM card, you must top-up to have services. Steps:
    1. Once you have your physical SIM card, put it in your phone (restart it if it’s not detected)
    2. Your phone number is written on the back of the plastic you received (or you can also get by dialing it: *129#
    3. Then,
      1. Go to to add money/credits to that number. Use code HEYNOFEES to save some money.
      2. Alternatively, you can use crypto via BitRefill, but they don’t list any plan details
      3. Claro’s site lists all prepaid plans, but international credit cards might not work.
  • eSIM – If you'd prefer to use an eSIM, we no longer recommend buying it through Airalo, which dropped service without warning in mid Feb 2024. Gigsky is reported to work, but is much more expensive.
💰 Crypto Wallets

For cryptocurrency transactions at Vitalia, we recommend these three wallets:

  • Wallet of Satoshi – Ideal for Bitcoin payments with ease of use and widespread acceptance.
  • Phantom – Excellent choice for Solana and USDC transactions with low fees and great user experience.
  • MetaMask – Versatile and advanced, useful for NFTs, network switching, and token management for Ethereum.
✈️ Traveling to Honduras Guide

Read this guide for information on entry requirements, visas, pre-application, and flight info and tips → Traveling to Honduras Guide

Please note that this checklist is a preliminary guide; additional information will be updated here as the event approaches.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vitalia at Próspera! ⛲🖖

Once you arrive, ask around to be added to be Builder’s wiki, which has more locally relevant information.