Mission & Goals

Vitalia 2024 is not just an event. It’s a movement with a bold mission: to accelerate progress in extending healthy human lifespan. We want to bring drugs and treatments to market faster. We want to produce them faster and cheaper and bring them to more people.

Vitalia’s first pop-up city is only setting the foundation for a permanent longevity district on Roatán. The community aims to build 3-5 such lasting hubs in the real world with millions of residents, locals, and internationals coordinated by a cloud community.

The strategy for Vitalia was inspired by Balaji Srinivasan’s idea of “The Network State” and

Vitalia is a moonshot project. The initiators see Vitalia as necessary to make longevity escape velocity a reality in our lifetime by creating an environment for thousands of biotech companies to accelerate.

In 2024, we will have the first Vitalia pop-up city, aiming to incubate 10 companies and 20 full-time residents in the Vitalia Próspera district. In 2025-2026, we aim for 500-1,000 residents in 1+ permanent districts with pop-up cities in 3-5 potential Special Economic Zones.

In 10 years, we aim for 3-5 city locations, 1,000+ new products, 10,000,000+ residents, and +1tn in healthy life years.