Transportation Guide

Transportation Guide

Transportation inside Vitalia

Vitalians are spread between several locations around Pristine Bay:

There are free shuttles among these locations, and also to Eldon’s grocery stores, and to/from the airport. Use the Telegram channel “Shuttle requests” to see the schedule or request shuttle runs. The pinned message should have the current shuttle schedule.

Electric golf carts are also available - TBD how to request

Transportation on Roatan

  • Colby is providing a car by request for short trips from Pristine Bay (under 13km, enough to get to the airport). $5 - $10/person. See Telegram message.
  • “We use Roatan Transportation 24/7 for all our visitors here on the island. They are offering a $50 round trip taxi ($30 one way) from Pineapple Villas to West End (where most dive shops are). $55 to the Beach Club and $60 if the return is late night - after 11pm. They also have one minivan that can seat 15 people. That can be booked at $8/person round trip with a $60minimum. Again, with a $10 surcharge for a ride starting after 11pm. +504-3306-3384. Please ask for the Vitalia rate.” [though they might not grant any discount] - See Telegram message.
  • The cheapest option for longer trips (e.g. Pristine Bay to West End) is to get a “colectivo” (minivan) on the main road. These run without a specified schedule; you just need to hail them from the side of the street. Prices are 5x-10x lower than for taxis. Cash only (1 USD =~ 25 lempiras as of Feb 2024).

Taxi Options (WhatsApp)

+504 9939-9574 - ”Exclusive Taxi Roatan” / ?Orville? +504 9522-2222 - ”Mr. Francisco Taxi Service VIP” / ?Roa Taxi? +504 3219-6346 - Don Antonio Ardon taxi

Car Rental Options

+504 9228-6624 - Atlantis, rental cars only, not taxi +504 3396-6128 - Recar