Vitalia Housing (Waitlist)

Vitalia Housing (Waitlist)

Last updated on: Dec 13, 2023

Our Vitalia housing is currently at full capacity at the moment. Nevertheless, we are continuing to accept applications for our waitlist, and we'll be in touch as soon as a room becomes available! In the meantime, we encourage you to find close accommodation options.


At Vitalia, we offer a range of resort-style housing to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as it is intellectually stimulating. Because our accommodations vary significantly, confirming your residency early will give you a greater chance of securing a lodging that meets your specific needs.

Types of Accommodations

  • Villas with Washing Machines: Some apartments and villas offer the convenience of in-building laundry facilities.
  • Kitchens: A selection of accommodations comes with fully-equipped kitchens, while others do not have kitchens (that said, we will designate some kitchens to be shared kitchens)
  • Room Types: We offer both private rooms and beds within shared rooms.
  • Gender Specific and Mixed-Gender Villas: Options are available for those who prefer single-gender or mixed-gender living situations.
  • Pool Access: Certain apartments offer pool amenities for leisure and relaxation.
  • Proximity to Events: While accommodations are strategically located, ensuring that you're never more than a 15-minute golf cart ride from our main event locations, some are closer to the main event locations than others.

Steps to Get Housing

(updated Nov 26, 2023)

  1. Fill out the Vitalia Housing Form:
  1. Wait to receive an email from the Housing team with a housing selection for you and a final amount to pay.
  2. ⚠️
    Please note that you will have 72 hours to pay from when this email is sent. This is because housing tetris is complicated. After 72 hours your room may be released back into the pool for other Vitalia residents and guests.
  3. Receive confirmation of your payment.
  4. A few days before your check in date you will be emailed more specific details about your property including access instructions.

Housing FAQs

Can I bring a +1?

Absolutely - partners and children are welcome. Plus ones will also require a

, regardless of how long they are staying. There is no additional charge for children.

Housing is charged per room so bringing a +1 does not impact the cost of your residency package.

Can I share a room to reduce my cost of housing?

Yes there will be an option to indicate that you are open to sharing a room with someone else, which will reduce your housing cost by around 50%.

It is strongly preferred for you to submit the name of who you would like to share a room with at the time you submit your housing form, and to have that person also submit their form at the same time (within 24 hours of each other).

If you don’t already know the name of someone coming who you would like to share a room with, check out the Roommate Matching telegram group which has been created for the purpose of finding a Vitalia roommate.

Vitalia is not offering any ‘dorm style’ rooms with many beds in them. If you opt to share a room with a roommate, you can assume you will be sharing with only 1 other roommate.

Can I book housing for dates outside the official dates (Jan 6 - Apr 1)?

Vitalia is only able to arrange housing for stays within the official event dates Jan 6 - April 1. If you will be arriving earlier than that or staying later you will need to arrange for that accommodation independently with the property managers.

What are the recommended date blocks?

The recommended dates for attending Vitalia are:

  • The Full Experience Jan 6 - Mar 1 (2 months)
  • Jan 6-Feb 5 (1 month), includes Longevity Intro Week, AI Week & Opening Ceremony
  • Jan 31-Mar 1 (1 month), includes Crypto, AI, Longevity Solutions Week & Closing Ceremony)
  • Jan 22 - Feb 14 (3 weeks), includes Crypto & AI Week
  • Jan 6-22 (2 weeks), includes Longevity Intro Week & Opening Ceremony)
  • Jan 31-Feb 14 (2 weeks), includes Crypto & AI Week
  • Feb 19-Mar 1 (2 weeks), includes Longevity Solutions Week & Extension Ceremony
  • Mar 1 - Apr 1 (1 month extension), includes Startup Launch Day, ETH LatAm, ETH x Bio & Investors Day

Concentrating arrivals and departures helps the organizers make the best use of the available space by reducing attendees that have to switch accommodation partway through their stay. Additionally each block of time covers at least one key theme or topic of interest.

Why is electricity charged separately?

Roatan is an island and electricity is expensive. To encourage responsible consumption, you will be charged separately for electricity, with the cost split among the adult residents of the billable unit. So if there is one couple and one solo resident staying in a 2 bedroom villa, they will each be billed 1/3 of the price (or the couple may have one of them pay 2/3 the price).

Is housing refundable?

Residency packages are not refundable. However if you can no longer make you can post in the telegram community under the Housing thread to see if a different Vitalia resident is willing take on your residency package.

Do I have to get housing through Vitalia?

No - you are free to arrange your own housing. If you have the Vitalia Access Pass ($500) you can access the amenities & breakfast at Vitalia (delivered at the Beach Club, Pristine Bay).

Who can I contact about housing-related questions?

You can email or drop a message into the #Housing topic on the telegram thread within Vitalia Builders’ Hub.

Is cleaning provided at the housing?

Cleaning is provided before your arrival.

Some accomodations (e.g. Las Verandas) come with their own cleaning policy that we don't influence. Please take their guidance if that's the case.

In many of the Pristine Bay villas, there is no regular cleaner coming. We recommend to keep basic cleanliness in the house and ask you to order your cleaning as needed ($60-100 one-time).

Prioritization for Early Confirmations

The earlier you confirm your residency and submit your payment, the higher the likelihood that your specific accommodation requirements will be met. This is particularly important if you have specific needs such as a kitchen, a private room, or any other amenity. Priority will be given to early confirmations for distributing these limited resources.

We also will prioritize the specific accommodation requirements of residents who can stay the full-time, and then those who can stay at least a month.

Housing Tetris

Arranging accommodations is akin to a complex game of "housing Tetris." While we strive to meet everyone's needs, we also appreciate your flexibility as we work on the logistical challenge of sorting residents into their preferred housing options.

Final Notes

If you have specific requirements or preferences, we strongly recommend securing your spot by submitting your payment as soon as possible. This ensures we can provide you with the accommodations you require for a comfortable and fulfilling stay at Vitalia.

For any additional questions or concerns about housing, please reach out to the Vitalia organizers.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you to Vitalia!