Guiding Values & Principles

  • Entrepreneurialism: We value the creation of sustainable ventures. The producers and leaders are valued highly. The impact is created through lasting structures with a long time horizon.
  • Do-ocracy: In doubt, just do it. Don’t ask for permission when it comes to the small things. Group decision-making processes are for big things.
  • Informed Consent: Respect boundaries. In doubt, ask - don’t assume. Value your independence, and cheer others saying “No.” Don’t shill.
  • Radical Tolerance: We optimize for weirdness, experimentation, and trying new things. Our minds instinctively distrust new things. Withhold premature judgment.
  • Responsibility: We are on a mission at the frontiers of humanity, and ambiguity can be expected. Maintaining strong personal ethics in the absence of articulated rules is paramount.