Expectations of Vitalia 2024 Residents

Expectations of Vitalia 2024 Residents

Co-working: set your intention to make massive progress in your ventures

  • Set yourself a goal, e.g. write a new book, make a piece of art
  • Be open to starting a new venture, experiment, look for co-founders
  • Play in the built environment, let’s build lasting structures!

Co-living: seek ways to contribute and include others in the community

  • Include new people and educate them on community values
  • Contribute to shared activities, organize something fun
  • Cherish the opt-out, take the privacy and space you need

Neighborliness: treat other people like neighbors you plan to be around

  • If you see a problem in the neighborhood, help fix it
  • Be self-responsible within your household
  • Check-in with how others are doing