Come & Build | 3-Steps Process To Be Part Of Vitalia

Come & Build | 3-Steps Process To Be Part Of Vitalia

Curious? Come Explore Vitalia and See What's Waiting for You!

Apply to become a Vitalia Builder

Please fill out this form if you would like to be part of Vitalia City [click here]. It gives you one year access to our community, conferences, events, programs, community activities, and all the ecosystem of resources as well as special benefits.

For more information on the Vitalia Access Pass click here.

After Admission, Pay Your Access Pass

Once your application is approved, you can purchase your Vitalia Access pass. Here are the options to pay: How to pay once approved

Plan Your Trip to Roatán

It's time to make travel plans! Set the dates and book your flights, accommodation, etc. (You can choose from the Vitalia Housing pool [click here to request it] or book your own housing.)

Here’s a complete guide to help you navigate through all the logistics: Pre-Arrival Checklist Guide

Wanna Stay Longer At Vitalia?

Extend Your Stay

You’ve made it all the way here! Why not stay longer and build your passion project with our support?

Vitalia Housing Extension

This form is to match you with our housing pool, which is mostly cheaper than the rest of the island for the quality you get, and it ensures you live close to other Vitalians. You do not need to fill out this form if you have your own housing.

Vitalia Investment Program

Sign up for our investment program to develop your idea or accelerate your startup!

Vitalia's Investment Program